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"Unleashing the Power Within: The Grief Literacy Superhero"

Greetings, citizens! I am Susan, a Child and Youth Counsellor with over 35 years of experience, and I am here to share my superhero story with you!

I am a certified expert in Death Dying and Bereavement from Laurier University, and as the Director of Programs and Services at the Dr Bob Kemp Hospice, I led my team in providing comfort and support to those in need. But my superhero abilities don't stop there - I also teach at Conestoga College to prepare future heroes for their own battles.

But I am not just a hero at work - I am also a proud mom, an avid golfer and gardener, and a die-hard comic book enthusiast. My passion for grief literacy led me to write a manga/comic style book called Grief Squad: Mom's Sky, available worldwide.

And the journey never ends - I have graduated from the Canada Coach Academy and am currently working towards my International Coaching Federation ACC credentials to continue my quest for greatness.

So, citizens, join me as we celebrate the power of compassion, knowledge, and determination. I am Susan - a superhero among you, ready to fight for justice and support those in need.

Citizens, heed my call! Together, let us bask in the might of compassion, knowledge, and unwavering determination as we provide grief support to those in need. I am Susan, standing firm in my resolve to fight for justice and provide comfort to those struggling with grief. Join me, and let us unleash our power to make the world a better place, one heart at a time!

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Feb 25, 2023

Thanks for your comment! Please go to the Reach Out button so we can connect!


Feb 25, 2023

I need grief tips for my teen. Looking for support.

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